Saturday, October 20, 2007

Two new old books for my shelf.

I haven't posted in a while, real life has its intrusions. I was out shopping with my wife today and we went to a used bookstore and someone had unloaded a large collection of their 2nd Edition hanbooks.

I couldn't remember if I had the Priest's Handbook on my shelf or not, so I didn't get that one...and rats, I didn't, so I'll have to go back.

I did get the Ninja's handbook though, and that is going to be a useful addition to my game materials. We had a player in our group who was running an updated version of a 1E Monk character. I have a lot of DC comics and Heroclix minis and have been wanting to incorporate them into the game somehow. The backstory I had for the monk character was that she had been trained in a secret academy run by my Forgotten Realms version of Ras al Ghul. I've got a version of Batman who is training there at the same time, and a really nice backstory for both. Anyway, Ras will now offer training to both monks and ninjas in my world, so that westerners don't have to travel all the way to or from Kara-tur for those character classes. Monks will be related to the priesthoods, of course, and ninjas will be related to rogues.

I also picked up the Warriors and Priests of the Realms handbook. This also is a really nice resource volume filled not just with useful information on these two character classes as they relate to the geography and dieites of the Realms, but also on those geographic areas and dieties themselves.

All at wonderfully low used book prices and without having to print off the pdfs at work. My concience is clear on every level.


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