Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Reaper 03239 : Krug, Hil Giant Chieftain

One thing Reaper really does right are giants. I've almost got enough of the big buggers to run the Giants series of 1E modules, and I'm really looking foward to it. This sculpt by Tre Manor is not as massive as the earlier hill giant done by Jason Weibe (14205), but they might be brothers. The club is huge and deadly looking. All the parts fit well together, but you might want to reinforce the joints with greenstuff after the glue dries. There are gaps that could use filling, especially under the right arm. I noticed very little flash, only a small bit under his fur dress.

With these really big arms, the mini is fairly top heavy and if he falls over, the arms are going to pop right off (yes, that just happened to me, which is why I mention it). You'll definitely want to reinforce with green or brown stuff, and possibly rebase him on something wider.

I just can't say enough about how cool this miniature is though, even with the minor problems mentioned above. Can't wait to use him on the game table.

At $35 he's got a fairly gigantic price tag, though. I'd strongly suggest this be one of the future plastic releases. I'd probably buy several of them if they were a $10 plastic that was pre-painted.

Man, could this guy kick Billidum's butt.

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