Thursday, October 04, 2007

Reaper Miniatures 03202: Hats and Helmets

One of the best (and smartest) things that Reaper does is encourage people to modify their miniatures and to also learn the craft of sculpting minis. They put out a really excellent array of accessories to help their customers do exactly that. There are lots of tools, brushes, tips, and so forth but they also have always allowed you to order individual parts from any of the minis in their line so that you could add those bits to other minis you are working on or to your own sculpted figures.

They have a nice line of armatures, bases, and so forth...but now they are also starting to put out individual bits just for this purpose. This current catalog cycle they have included demon wings, angelic wings, and hats.

They've had various weapons and stuff for a long time, but I'm thrilled to see them expanding this aspect of the hobby.

Even if you aren't using them for sculpting or scratchbuilding, they make ecellent dungeon dressing as is.

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