Monday, October 08, 2007

Reaper 03204 : Battleguard Golem

Sometimes I think Reaper likes to see just how close they can get to WOTC's product line without a Cease and Desist order. This is what Iron Man would look like on Eberron. Ben Seins has done a very nice and very dynamic pose for an iron or steel golem, but the head is very much influenced by the Warforged in the Eberron campaign setting.

The sculpt is not a golem in the traditional sense. This guy doesn't stand around waiting to be activated, kick butt, and go back to sleep until needed again. This miniature is designed to be some kind of player character, and not a monster. Again, as the Eberron Warforged are. You can tell because not only does it have a sword and strike a heroic pose, on the back he's got a chain belt with pouch and a little bag for loot. Only Player Characters accessorize with pockets for change...your average golem doesn't collect treasure or a paycheck, they are the perfect night watchman.

Nice miniature, all around, excellent detail--though I am not sure what I'll use it for. I think I'll have to put him in with my Warforged, and I suspect that most other people who buy him will do the same thing. Get them now if you think they might not be available later.

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