Sunday, September 27, 2009

Really wishing I could get back in the dungeon

Haven't been able to play in our campaign in over a year. For me it seems like just a weekend ago, but IRL stuff has kept me from organizing a session where our heroes can at least try to escape certain doom.

The calendar doesn't look like it offeres a free weekend until after the first of the new year, either.

Still, I've been trying recently to get some time to finish up organizing the game room in the new house and have been continuing to buy miniatures. I teach full time at one university, am a leave replacement for a class at another university in a different city that is an hour's drive each way, and I also run a non-profit theatre. Did I mention also being married? Not a lot of time left over for gaming.

I didn't get to buy any of the Player's Handbook Heroes set #2, and only last week managed to pick up two boosters from Legendary Evils. Buying minis is a lot harder than it used to be, and not just because I don't have time to shop for them. I normally bought 3 cases each release from, but they must have had some kind of falling out with WotC because they haven't updated with a new release for sale since Demonweb Pits.

I've also been hesitant to buy cases of the new packaging format for D&D Miniatures. I don't want to get a case of all the same visible ones. I don't use eBay anymore now that they force you to buy and sell using PayPal...a rant for another time, but I stopped using PayPal in protest when eBay bought the company because nobody wanted to use their stupid BidPay system and imposed all their Safe Harbor rules on every transaction you use PayPal for whether it was on eBay or not.

And them my FLGS closed, so the nearest place to buy minis retail is not in a town an hour and a half drive north of here. Other retail outlets that normally carry minis, like Barnes & Nobles and Books a Million aren't ordering the new sets because they still have so many of the old ones (Dungeons of Dread) sitting on their shelves.

Sooo, I guess I have to buy individual minis from Troll and Toad or something...which is frustrating because I rely on buying cases for building up a large stock of the commons...Sorry, I didn't meant for this to be a combination rant/depressed sob fest, but I miss my hobby!!!!

And, I'm a little worried that many of the things I'm complaining about are really indications that Hasbro is going to decide D&D isn't profitable enough to support and what little I do have and can get ahold of will go away.

Anyway, we have a show closing tonight at the theatre and Fall Break is coming up, the wife is going with my mother on a quilting trip to Houston and I might just get a 3-4 day run at organizing the basement, cataloging monsters and online shopping without guilt or interruption.

Fingers crossed, and I'll let you know how it goes.


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