Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lensman Scratchbuild

Well, in my never ending quest to have all the monsters, I've finally finished my prototype Lensman.

I'm a sculptor by necessity not talent or desire, and this was a bit of a rush job so I could see if it would work, rather than trying to create something that would win any contests.

Step One: Buy the Heroclix White Martian. I am picking up 10 of them from Troll and Toad for .99 each.

Step Two: Cut off his head and tail, then file and sand down the bumps that are left.

Step Three: take a bit of stiff wire and after drilling a hole where the neck would be, insert the wire and glue in place. This will be the frame to support the tentacle.

Step Four: apply green stuff to sculpt the tentacle, the chest eye, and the webbed loincloth.

Step Five: Paint to limits of desire and talent.

Like I said, I'm no sculptor and a lousy painter, I'm sure any number of you folks could do this a lot better. I'm mostly posting this as a template for a Lensman mini, not bragging about what meager talents I might possess. So, no need to critique the execution, I'm more interested in feedback on the idea for creating a lensman mini.


Blogger BB Shockwave said...

Oh, I remember seeing this on DDMSpoilers. Very nice job!

Can I ask you where I could buy this green or brown stuff you use for mini sculpting? I live in Hungary, and the closest thing I found was some play-doh like stuff that hardens on air after a while... but it is brittle, and needs to be glued to work. I am working on a Gargantuan Bronze Dragon but am unable to properly mold his chin-horns and fins from that stuff. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

3:57 AM  

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