Friday, March 03, 2006

Something New for finding Something Old

I've been very busy with my instruction at the Wizard's School for Girls, and haven't been able to make any posts for a long time. Haven't been able to monitor much progress by the Severed Head Company either.

But I wanted to let people know that I've found a wonderful eBay store for vintage figures: Vintage Miniatures Ok, it might not be the most inventive name, but it is accurate and the guy is very friendly. Do visit, but DON'T bid against me on the Dragon Turtle. I mean it, unless you want me to polymorph you into one.

Yesterday was the release date for War Drums. I don't know about you, but I look to miniatures previews to see miniatures, and was a little ticked that two of the previews showed maps and the covers of new rules. Those aren't previews. Dang it. Anyway, eagerly awaiting my three cases. As soon as I have all the figures I need for my world sorted out from them, I'll start putting them up on eBay as Big Fig Packs, which I think are a lot better than buying all those individually.

I've got my last Big Fig pack up for auction right now featuring what was left of my figs from previous sets. There are 19 watchers and bidding is up above $40 right now with only a few days to go.

And, my friend Matt Clark over at REAPER, called me last night and was telling me I was getting another nice box of figs. Maybe if I get a little more time I'll start doing some individual fig reviews here, but having more time is about as likely as having more money and we all know how likely that is. I checked out what was new at the REAPER site and Matt was right, there are some amazing new figs coming out. Don't just check the Asylum, check the Greens link and look at the mermaid. Awesome.

Ok, this weekend I will post pictures and a description of my scratch built Nabassu demon. I'm very pleased with it.


Blogger Shandar the Ashen said...

Happy to say I won the Dragon Turtle.

Thanks for not bidding against me. This is another one of the figures I really wanted way back when, and that Matt wouldn't sell me...though for all I know he's long since melted his down.

11:42 AM  

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