Thursday, March 09, 2006

War Drums on the Doorstep

Well, my three cases of Wardrums arrived the other day. I was pretty excited when the first case yielded nearly an entire complete set...only 11 figs short. By the time the last booster was opened I had a complete set except for an Aspect of Hextor.


Anyway, the first box of suprlus minis from this set along with the final stragglers from my other sets is now up for auction on eBay, so get 'em while they're hot.

I'd been reading such negative reviews of War Drums on the WOTC message boards that I have to say my expectations had slipped very low...but I should have known better. People who think these minis aren't as good as past sets are just whiners who let their drooling expectations from looking at the WOTC master versions in the previews carry them away from any sense of reality.

I think this is a really nice set, easily equal to Underdark and in many ways full of far more useful figs. Even the Flameskull is kind of cool. I wish I'd gotten a few more of them so that I could repaint them in a variety of colors.

I think Obould Many-Arrows should have been an Epic, but only if he is wearing his enchanted armor. Why stick Obould in there if he can't go toe to toe with Drizzt like he did in the new book? Why make him as easy to kill as he was in Neverwinter Nights? But a minor complaint, since I don't actually use the cards or the stats from Version 3.5....I'm an AD&D 2nd Ed. Holdout and proud of it!

I really haven't got many complaints at all about this set, except of course that I didn't get an Aspect of Hextor yet. I love having an Aspect of Moradin. The Sand Giant seems a little dorky, but it is good to have a good giant. I love the Shieldwall Soldiers. I'm not into Ebberron, so I'm not crazy about all the new Warforged figs, but I've got a story line that will make them make sense in my world...I've got a cleric of Gond in my party.

Duergar in my world don't get large, like a spriggan, so I'm going to make up a Duergar god and make the Large Duergar that mini. The Frost Dwarf is an interesting idea...not sure it is a useful idea, but interesting.

I really like the little descriptive passage at the bottom of each card, something like this is the biggest thing that has been missing from making the cards at all useful to me in converting these guys to my world mechanics...but I've finally started picking up the 3rd edition monster manuals so that I can more easily do those conversions. I'm only buying them from ebay though, and only if I can get them for under $12, because I'm not paying full retail for books in a game system I'm not using.

Since I'm planning to run Against The Giants soon, I've been stocking up on giant minis...and the Hill Giant Barbarian and Chieftain in this set are really cool. I can easily paint the loincloth of the barbarian different colors to run more than one of them in a session.

I forget the name of the giant aligator monster...something Egyptian sounding. I'll be using him as the god of the Lizardmen and troglodytes.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head, except that the whiners on WOTC message boards should get over it already and if they don't like the paint jobs the chinese wage slaves are putting on their minis, they should either only buy American made minis (like from REAPER), or maybe buy themselves a brush and some paints of their very own and redo them how they think they should be done.

My friend Matt sent me up a bunch of new minis from REAPER, mostly their Egyptian themed sets. I have to say it again, REAPER is the best mini company out there, and everyone should be buying REAPER figs. The WOTC minis are nice filler and a good way to get officially liscensed monsters, but for real quality metal, make mine Reaper.

Oh, and they also sell good paints and brushes.

So there.


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