Sunday, March 05, 2006

Nabassu, Pazuzu and Nalfeshnee, just another Demonic Sunday!

Ok, as promised, here is the Nabassu demon that I cobbled together from some Reaper parts and green stuff.

I'm pretty pleased with it. The main body is a Reaper mini called an Attercop, which is their version of the Ettercap. It really fit the look of the old TSR artwork for the Nabassu, except that the ettercap is fat with a big butt instead of bony with protruding hips...still, the three fingered talons and legs were just about perfect for what I was trying to re-create.

For the head I used one of the Reven heads. This image calls them orcs, I'm not sure if Reven are orcs or what, as I've not yet had the time to really explore Reaper's Warlord materials. They're pretty cool, though. Anyway, the head had the right kind of evil eyes and tusks for a Nabassu and after adding a thick mane of green stuff it was very easy to attach the head. The green stuff also helped to attach the large feathery wings, which again came from a Warlord mini, but I don't remember which one. An angelic paladin of some sort.

I thought about using black primer, but went with white instead so that the white hair of the beastie would be more brilliant. I think it turned out pretty well.

As you know, I've been on an obsessive quest to try to get figures to replicate the artwork from the old TSR manuals, especially the demons and devils.

One of the demonic lords is Pazuzu, and while the Reaper miniature for "Pazzuzu" isn't exactly like it, it is close enough for jazz. The TSR description has Pazuzu with four feathered wings, but I like the way this one looks, so I've changed the description in my own Monstrous Manual. There was no scratch building on this one, but I do like the paint job. I'm a long way from being anywhere near as good as the expert painters around, but I'm making some progress and all I really want are painted minis to play with, not to compete with.

Lastly, the Nalfeshnee. I've had this mini for over ten years, and I bought it painted from a much older guy I worked with in Iowa City, who had a lot of minis in his basement he was willing to sell. I got it dead cheap, but I have never seen another one and have no idea who made it.

Other than the Reaper "Boar Demon", this is the only nalfeshnee miniature I've ever seen. The Reaper mini is much more detailed and demony, but this figure is a nearly spot on perfect rendering in lead of the artwork from the TSR Monster Manual (except for the bat wings instead of feathered wings), and thus, one of the brightest jewels in my collection.

Anybody know who made this? Leave me a comment.

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Blogger Shandar the Ashen said...

My friend Matt, at Reaper, wrote:

"Ed thinks that this is an old Max Carr sculpt done for Fantastiques. He is basing this on the wings."

Best lead I've gotten yet, but not definitive by a long shot. Matt asked if there were markings on the base, but it had been ground down to make it smooth, no markings are visible, if there ever were any.

I'm going to put an email into Classic Minis and see what they have to say.

1:34 PM  
Blogger Shandar the Ashen said...

Here's the answer! (From Michael at Classic Minis):

You have a very nice example of the old Minifigs Dungeons & Dragons line Type IV demon.
Minifigs was the 1st company to have the official TSR license to make minis for D&D & call them as such. They went out of poduction at the beginning of the 80s. I
think the Minifgs World of Greyhawk line lasted longer, perhaps to 1983.

This mini is fairly rare and due to the thin legs few survive unbroken.

Nice figure, that is a prize. I have about 4 of these, one broken & none of them as nice as
yours. I'm a particular fan of anything that looks like the old MM drawings.

I've sent many scans along with dolly pieces from my Heritage masters to Max Carr hoping he will
sculpt something new. Many members of my Yahoo Heritage collector group have expressed an interest in Max sculpting old MM style monsters. This is one of the requested pieces. Maybe someday...


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