Monday, November 20, 2006

Big Fig Pack of Miniatures up for Auction at eBay

Help Shandar raise money to fund the Blood War!

Big Fig Pack is up for auction right now, ending in 7 days. Pretty big lot, including the following minis:

ARCHFIENDS: Catfolk, Cursed Spirit

ANGELFIRE: Wrackspawn, Longstrider Ranger, Dwarf Mercenary, Dwarf Raider, Abyssal Skulker

UNDERDARK: Monitor Lizard, Mercenary Sergeant, Troglogdyte Barbarian, Halfling Sneak, Satyr, Orc Skeleton, Lolth's Sting, Gold Dwarf Soldier, Dark Creeper

WARDRUMS: Halfling Slinger, Sacred Watcher, Lion of Talisid, Inspired Lieutenant, Wood Elf Ranger, Hunting Cougar, Howling Orc, Arcanix Guard, Warpriest of Moradin, Terror Wight, Tiefling Blademaster, Karrnathi Zombie, Axe Soldier, Brass Samurai, Flameskull, Mephling Pyromancer, Derro, Orc Mauler, Horde Zombie, Hobgoblin Archer, Warforged Scout, Troglodyte Thug, Steelheart Archer, Blood Ghost Berserker, Combat Medic, Aspect of Moradin (w/ Epic Card), Hill Giant Barbarian, Fiendish Girallon, Wemic Barbarian, Warforged Bodyguard, Frost Dwarf, Sand Giant, Warforged Captain, Skeletal Legionaire, Goblin Underboss, Quaggoth Slave

War of the Dragon Queen: Meepo Dragonlord, Storm Archer, Tavern Brawler, Yuan-Ti Halfblood Sorcerer, Aasimar Fighter, War Weaver, Small Copper Dragon, Cleric of Syreth, Diseased Dire Rat, Warden of the Wood, Hunting Hyena, Small Fire Elemental, War Ape, Small Black Dragon, Twig Blight, Greenspawn Razorfiend, Cleric of Laogzed, Bonded Fire Summoner, Bluespawn Godslayer (epic), Huge Fire Elemental (epic), Aspect of Bahamut (epic), Dispalcer Beast Pack Lord (epic), Purple Worm (epic) Mountain Troll (epic), Poison Dusk Lizardfolk, Witchknife, Cloudreaver, Kobold Zombie, Large Fang Dragon, Wererat Rogue, Doomfist Monk, Demonic Gnoll Archer, Dread Warrior

Blood War: Doomguard, Skeletal Reaper, Gnoll Barbarian


Blogger Shandar the Ashen said...

A steal at just over $30.

Sigh. I think the market for minis is oversaturated and bottoming out at the same time.

3:02 PM  

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