Thursday, November 16, 2006

Nalfeshnee Miniature

I have posted about this miniature before, but because it is one of my favorites in the collection, I don't mind doing it again using this nifty photo upload tool.

This is a Nalfeshnee which is almost identical to the original artwork from the TSR 1st edition books. I think the nalfeshnee from Reaper is scarier, but this one was such a rare find I can't help but love it the most.

When I posted the first time I had no idea what the history of the figure was, and couldn't find any references online, even at Stuff of Legends.

Finally, Michael at Classic Miniatures, gave me this answer:

"You have a very nice example of the old Minifigs Dungeons & Dragons line Type IV demon. Minifigs was the 1st company to have the official TSR license to make minis for D&D & call them as such. They went out of poduction at the beginning of the 80s. I think the Minifgs World of Greyhawk line lasted longer, perhaps to 1983.

This mini is fairly rare and due to the thin legs few survive unbroken. Nice figure, that is a prize. I have about 4 of these, one broken & none of them as nice as
yours. I'm a particular fan of anything that looks like the old MM drawings.

I've sent many scans along with dolly pieces from my Heritage masters to Max Carr hoping he will sculpt something new. Many members of my Yahoo Heritage collector group have expressed an interest in Max sculpting old MM style monsters. This is one of the requested pieces. Maybe someday..."



I'm compiling a list of minis from the old artwork I'd love to see, if you want to post your suggestions, I'd love to discuss them.

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