Friday, November 03, 2006

Morgan the Mounted Knight

I just found out via email that my brother checks this blog from time to time. I've mentioned before that he used to play a character in my old D&D world back in high school who never dismounted. His character and two other knights rode their war horses through the dungeon. Like a medieval motorcycle gang. I think this is the miniature he used to use for himself, though it is missing an arm now. I remember it had a long lance, like the other two smaller knights he "rode" with.

So, Scott, if you're out there, can you leave a message and confirm that this is Morgan?

I think in my new world (where a lot of my old characters now live) I'll set Morgan up as a baron somewhere in the Dagger Hills with the WOTC Mounted Paladin figure used as his son, the Noble Jarrid. And maybe a lovely daughter who needs rescuing? I think the wife of the Baron will be a high level cleric. I don't think Morgan, after all his troubles with wizards, would trust any magic other than clerical magic. is all taking shape.

Perhaps, hidden in the castle of the Baron, is one of the items Shandar is sending the Company of the Severed Head out to quest for.


Blogger S Ristau said...

I’m very sorry to read that my miniature alter ego has been “disarmed.” But yes, I think that’s me. Although I remember the figure as being much more impressive than the humble knight you have depicted here. It’s the same sense of disappointment I often feel upon looking at old photos of my bygone flesh and blood character.

aka Morgan the Punk

8:35 PM  
Blogger Shandar the Ashen said...

When I first read that, I thought it said "bygone flesh and good character."

I think it is still pretty impressive. I might be able to find an arm for him, or include the loss of the arm as part of the story line. If memory serves, Morgan died at least twice. Once when he insisted on taking the potion that he knew Shandar wanted from the dungeon...and though rash Morgan did not know what the potion did, if Shandar wanted it then it had to be worth having. So he drank it down and discovered to his horror that it reduced your age by about 700 years. Morgan, not being any where near as old as Shandar, was truly "youthenized."

Then I remember Morgan getting control of a powerful demon, and sending that demon on a quest to kill a certain wizard...unfortunately for Morgan, the wizard was operating under an alias, so the demon could not find the named target for assassination and returned to kill his summoner.

I think I will say that Morgan somehow was able to return from the Abyss, but it cost him his arm, and now he resides in the Dagger Hills, nursing his old hatred of his brother, that wizard Shandar, and the other wizard whose true name he does not know.

Seems like good fodder for future adventures.

10:46 AM  
Blogger S Ristau said...

"Youthenized." That’s very funny.

It may sound as if Morgan is a hate-filled man unreasonably bent upon the wizard’s destruction. However, I suspect the potion and demon were, in reality, clever ploys by the evil wizard, traps laid to murder the unsuspecting innocent. Most likely, Morgan only wanted to taste test the potion in advance of the wizard to make certain it was safe before Shandar imbibed of that particular coveted brew. Alas, Morgan sacrificed his own life in the hope of saving that of his brother.

I found a photo of the old “motorcycle gang.” Unfortunately, it’s too fuzzy to match it with the image shown here.

3:31 PM  

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