Monday, November 20, 2006

D&D Miniatures: Unhallowed

I have been a little short on the green this month, so I have yet to order my normal 3 cases of the new miniatures...and so, I have been forcing myself to continue to live while only having been able to buy 7 booster packs of Blood War minis at the local game store.

I've had terrible trouble finding boosters for this set, they just are not on the shelves at the stores I normally visit. But, even though I haven't even really begun to buy Blood War minis, I'm already curious as heck about the next release due in March--Unhallowed. What will be in it? What does it all mean? Will my wife allow me to continue to spend money on these little hunks of lead, pewter, and plastic? Will my basement hold it all? Will I ever be able to get enough game time in with my players to justify the expense?

Probably not, but who cares?

HR: 80/80
DE: 60/60
AR: 55/60
(need Large Silver Dragon, Aspect of Bane, Gauth, Aspect of Lolth, Vrock)
GoL: 70/72
(need Lord Soth, Drider Sorcerer)
AB: 60/60
DK: 60/60
AF: 59/60
(need Archmage)
UD: 60/60
WD: 60/60
WotDQ: 60/60
BW: 60/60
UH: 0/60

Icons 2/2


Blogger Shandar the Ashen said...

I'm kind of updating this list as time passes, when I'd originally posted it I'd only bought 3 boosters, but as of this comment I'm up to 7 boosters, averaging about two new minis per booster. The wholesaler I buy my cases from is soooo much cheaper though. Around $9.00 per booster if I buy three cases instead of $15 per booster at the hobby store. But, I suppose I'm doing my part to keep the brick and mortors in business as long as I don't have the $310 I need to drop on the cases and need to satisfy my crack addition to miniatures.

I also just did a buy it now on the Ogre Ravager to complete my Dragon Eye set. Kills me to pay $16.00 plus shipping for a two cent piece of plastic, but an addiction is an addiction, right?

I don't even like the depiction of the WOTC ogres. Oh, well. I'm also ticked that the rat bastard whose auction I won a few months back on the Battle Plate Marshall never sent it and is no longer a registered eBay user. So, I have to buy it again. I have a bid in on one. Hopefully it won't cost me too much.

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