Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hrulgin Beefbone

I can't stop myself, this newly discovered photo tool is too much fun. Here is the next installment in the TSR Rogues Gallery (9380) series.

Here are the minis I use for Hrulgin Beefbone and his sidekick black wolf, Slaver.

"Hrulgin Beefbone is a tough-looking dwarf and his appearance is no deception. He wears leather armor with spikes jutting out at the elbows and knees and smaller spikes in the breastplate. He also has a well-made pair of boots which can project sharp blades when he clicks them together. He is always accompanied by Slaver, his black wolf. He has many scars. The most prominent is on his ear, part of which is missing. He has several other scars on his face, but Hrulgin is proud of them, rather than ashamed."

I think the dwarf is one of the Grenadier dwarves, and the wolf is an old Ral Partha.

I like this character a lot, and having a tough bounty hunter recurring NPC can be a lot of fun--sometimes he is chasing the PCs and sometimes he is helping them. Nothing personal, just business.



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