Thursday, December 28, 2006

Monsters I wish they made, so I could by them.

Well, I've worked my through the Monstrous Manual compilation I've been working on from Zombie Wolf to Aaracokra. It has taken nearly a year with simultaneous miniature inventory.

It is not complete, by any stretch. I've got a huge pile of unopened miniatures from my friend at Reaper, and another shelf full of miniatures yet to be identified or invented and then create their sheets before placing them on the shelves with the rest of the collection.

As I do, I'll list monsters here that I wish someone made miniatures of, and will try to include references for those of you out there who are sculptors and might like to make an unofficial one for me out of green stuff. I'll be trying my own hand at some of them, but I'm not the sculptor I wish I were.

I'll update this entry from time to time, instead of putting new posts repeating the same information. So if this interests you, please bookmark the post and check back from time to time. Also, please put your suggestions in the comments box--or better yet, if you know someone who does make a mini of this monster, post that info! They don't have to be things that are marketed as these creatures, just miniatures which are sculpted very closely to the artwork for these creatures.

All designations for artwork are 2E materials unless otherwise indicated.

The Wish List:
Aboleth MM2 (1E)
Alguduir (FR MC)
Al~mi'raj MC14
Assassin Bug (1E)
Baatezu, Lord: Bel Book of Vile Darkness
Baatezu, Lord: The Hag Countess Book of Vile Darkness
Baatezu, Duke: Amon MM2 (1E)
Baatezu, Greater: Amnizu (Styx Devil) MC8
Baatezu, Greater: Malebranche (Horned Devil) MC8
Baatezu, Lesser: Abishai (all types) MM2 (1E)
Baatezu, Lesser: Hamatula (Barbed Devil) MC8
Baatezu, Lesser: Harvester Devil Fiendish Codex 2
Baatezu, Lesser: Nupperibo Fiendish Codex 2
Baatezu, Lesser: Orthon Fiendish Codex 2
Baatezu, Lesser: Paeliryon Fiendish Codex 2
Baatezu, Lesser: Pain Devil Fiendish Codex 2
Baatezu, Lesser: Pleasure Devil Fiendish Codex 2
Baatezu, Lesser: Xerfilstyx Fiendish Codex 2
Baatezu, Least: Spinagon (Spined Devil) MC8
Banderlog MM2 (1E)
Basidirond MM2 (1E)
Bebilith MC8
Berbalang (FR MC)
Bussengeist (Ghostly Cassandra) Another in the clear plastic series
Cildabrin (FR MC)
Cloaker MM (3E) (I would continue using my Reaper cloakers but use the WOTC cloaker as a Cloaker Lord)
Crabman Fiend Folio (1E)
Deathdog Fiend Folio (1E)
Deathdrinker MM4 (3E)
Demonodadd: Farastu Demonodand MM2 (1E)
Demonodadd: Kelubar Demonodand MM2 (1E)
Demonodadd: Shator Demonodand MM2 (1E)
Dimensional Warper (FR MC)
Disenchnater FF (3E)
Doomsphere (Ghost Beholder) This would be a clear plastic beholder, easy as pie to make and no paint involved!
Equiceph (Non-Skeletal) Mini Handbook
Fachan (FRMC)
Feyr (FRMC)
Flawder (MC14)
Fungus, Violet (please make this a common mini!)
Fungus, Shrieker (please use 1E art and please make this a common mini!)
Gambado MC14
Garbug MC14
Gas Spore MM 1E
Gaund (FRMC)
Gelatinous Cube If having something suspended in the cube is the only thing holding up production on this monster, then don't put anything inside it! That just makes the cube hungrier and unlike the Ochre Jelly, we don't have to have three or four Cubes forever eating the same exact thing as they move down the hallway. This is a game of imaginagtion, people! If we have an empty cube how hard is it for the DM to say, "There is a half digested bugbear corpse suspended in the cube."? Note: Thanks to Curious George, I was reminded that Sean K. Reynolds has been working on casting a Gelatinous Cube.
Gibberling Fiend Folio (1E)
Gorbel MC14
Grue: Charggin MM2 (1E)
Harrier FRMC
Haundar FRMC
Hybsil MM2 (1E)
Kampfult MM2 (1E)
Kelpie MC
Korpu MM2 (3E)
Lotcathah MM (3E)
Loxo MM2 (3E) I don't want to have to rely on the Dreamblade thing
Mage Bane (3E)
Manni (FRMC)
Mantrap MM2 (1E)
Morin FRMC
Morkoth MM2 (3E)
Needlefolk MM2 (3E)
Nycadaemon Fiend Folio (1E)
Opinicus MM2 (1E)
Ormyrr MM2 (3E)
Osquip Fiend Folio (1E)
Phaerimm FR13
Pedipalp MM2 (1E) (please make this a common mini!)
Phase Spider (3E)
Protean Scourge MM3 (3E)
Retriever MM (3E)
Roethe Fiend Folio (1E) (please make this a common mini!)
Rust Monster (3E)
Saurials (all types)
Scrag MM2 (1E)
Sea Lion (3E)
Shadow Mastiff (3E and please don't mkae it a rare)
Shadow Spider MM2 (3E)
Sharn FRMC
Skum FR campaign setting 2E
Slithermorph FRMC
Snyad Fiend Folio (1E)
Solifugid MM2 (1E) (please make this a common mini!)
Spellgaunt MM2 (3E)
Squealer MM2 (1E)
Ssemda, Slaad Lord Fiend Folio (1E)
Svirfneblin Fiend Folio (1E)
Swanmay MM2 (1E)
Tanar'ri, Lord: Baphomet Fiendish Codex 1
Tanar'ri, Lord: Fraz-Urb'lau Fiendish Codex 1
Tanar'ri, Lord: Graz'zt Fiendish Codex 1
Tanar'ri, Lord: Jubilex Fiendish Codex 1
Tanar'ri, Lord: Malchanthet Fiendish Codex 1
Tanar'ri, Lord: Zuggtmoy Fiendish Codex 1
Tanar'ri, Guardian: Molydeus MC8
Tanar'ri, Babau MM2
Tanar'ri: Bulezau Fiendish Codex 1
Tanar'ri: Lilitu Fiendish Codex 1
Tanar'ri: Mane MC8
Tanar'ri: Molydeus MC8
Tanar'ri: Nabassu MC8
Tanar'ri: Rutterkin MC8
Tanar'ri: Yochlol MM2 (1E)
Tasloi MC
Tentamort Fiend Folio (1E)
Terithran Fiend Folio (1E)
Thessalmonster FRMC
Thunderbeast MM2 (1E)
Tiger Fly Fiend Folio (1E)
Triton (3E)
Troll: Giant Two-Headed Fiend Folio (1E)
Vaporighu MC8
Varrangoin FF (3E)
Vilstrak MM2 (1E)
Volt Fiend Folio (1E) (please don't make this a rare!)
Yak Folk MM2 (3E)
Yugoloth, Greater: Arcanaloth MC8
Yugoloth, Greater: Nycaloth MC8
Yugoloth, Greater: Ultroloth MC8
Yugoloth, Lesser: Derholoth MC8
Yugoloth, Lesser: Piscoloth MC8
Yugoloth, Lesser: Yagnoloth MC8
Zoveri MC8

And of course, one avatar for each of the gods in each pantheon from Faiths and Avatars, Powers and Pantheons, Demi-Human Deities and Monster Mythology and at least one priest in the vestments of each of the mythoi.

That should keep the sets coming for a few years!



Blogger Curious George said...

I know that Sean K. Reynolds (of 3E fame, or perhaps infamy from your perspective...) was working on custom Gelatinous Cube minis, either with or without skeletons inside it. If you search a bit on his page message board, you should find it. Linkage:

8:38 AM  
Blogger Shandar the Ashen said...

I am a big fan of Sean, he is a crotchety about his gaming as I am about mine. I have nothing against 3E existing or even of people enjoying playing it.

What I hate is people trying to get me to admit that 2E sucks by comparison and that I should switch.

Just like Sean's sub-title is "Very Opinionated d20 Gaming" I'm pretty opinionated myself--but infamy? Heck no. Anyone who uses his game site to hawk his girlfriend's home made soap is A-OK by me!

I'll check out the gelatinous cube lead...I've also seen someone selling custom made cubes on eBay. And somewhere there is a web page by someone (maybe even Sean) that details the process they are trying to develop using...I just can't remember it and didn't book mark it.

Thanks, though, for the lead and for letting me know that I'm not just shouting in the wind on this blog--nice to know someone but me reads it once in a while.

11:23 AM  

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