Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Zombie Wolves

In 2E world, the MC entry for Zombie Wolf is in the Ravenloft Campaign Setting. I import a lot of material from Ravenloft into my own Realms campaing, but I adjust and make it relevant. The Zombie Wolf is a good example.

In my world Zombie Wolves are always connected to vampire activity.

Occasionally and ancient vampire master will retire into a state of deep torpor in order to rest. At this time he will enter a crypt and while sleeping his negative energy will summon any wolf within several miles (the distance depending upon his level). These wolves will remain, guarding the tomb, to the exclusion of any other impulse. They will not leave the area for any reason. Wolves in the thrall of the vampire's energy will eat only if prey comes within the area, and they sleep fitfully if at all. It usually does not take long before the wolves are driven mad by hunger and sleep deprivation, soon dying of starvation. These poor creatures get no rest, however, even in death, as they rise from the dead as zombies unless the corpse is decapitated immediately after it has died.

If this gruesome task is not carried out, the corpse of the wolf rises as a zombie wolf 1d4 days after its death.

New wolves entering the area will undergo the same transformation, thus it is possible to have a large number of zombie wolves in various stages of life and undeath. The larger the number of skeletal wolves, however, indicates a greater length of time that the vampire Master has been in torpor...and the sooner he is likely to reawaken.

Otherwise, it is the same as the entry for the Ravenloft Zombie Wolf.

I use three different miniatures for my Zombie Wolf, because it eventually becomes a skeletal wolf. The starting mini is the WOTC "Gravehound" because it looks most like a wolf but with bits of skeleton and entrails showing through.

Then a set of zombie wolves by, I think, Grenadier.

Last stage of the zombie wolf is a wolf skeleton, which is far more powerful than a simple animated corpse, retaining all the traits it had as a zombie, though now even harder to hit due to its skeletal form and its advantages against edged weapons and missiles.



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