Thursday, January 18, 2007

Demonic Idol from Otherworld Miniatures

I first saw this miniature on the Fantasy-Mini Blog site listed in my side bar that is in French. From the mail link there I've connected with the person selling them out of the UK. That person is Richard Scott, and he also painted the idol. I'm really impressed by the warm quality of the reflected fire. I won't be able to reproduce it but maybe I can convince my friend Matt at Reaper to paint it for me.

Here is the description of the idol from Richard's store.

"This is the first miniature produced by Otherworld Miniatures. It is a 'Demon Idol', inspired by the iconic cover artwork of the AD&D Players Handbook of the late 1970s. The model was sculpted by the very talented hands of Paul Muller and cast in high quality resin by Model Design Construction. Gemstone eyes are also provided. The model is 80mm tall and supplied unpainted. The 28mm figure shown in the 2nd photo is for scale only, and is not included."

Visit his eBay store to reserve yours today!

Otherworld Miniatures Demonic Idol

Follow the link in the side bar to see the rest of his Dwarven Forge and other dungeon terrain items.

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