Saturday, December 30, 2006

I've Updated Blogger/Google, and I'm a convert!

But that doesn't mean I'm converting to 3.5E!

I admit, I had deep reservations about Google eating Blogger, but now that I've been working with it for a while, it really is a lot easier, faster, and more fun.

The photo tool is a lot easier than before, and I finally realized why I'd never gotten the photo tool to work before...I had pop up blocker on. Duh!

Anyway, I've gone back through all the old posts from the last year (hard to believe that I started this D&D blog only a year ago, while freezing my tootsies in Minot, North Dakota!) and took out the off-site links to images I was hosting on my own server and uploaded them to the old blog posts. They are much nicer to look at and navigate now.

I also inserted labels to help with searching for posts about things you might like to read, and then inserted the labels as auto links on the sidebar. The labels are an excellent new feature of the new blogspot. I don't know why they don't have a label list in the sidebar automatically, but it wasn't hard to insert it into the template myself.

Probably in the new blogspot templates they do have it, but I'm slow to accept any change at all, so I doubt I'll be using the new templates any time soon.

Any way, what do the labels do? Well, suppose you want to find every post I ever made about sculpting. Just click on the lable tag. Boom, there they all are. No need to keyword search.

Want to see every post about new monsters I've created for my campaign? Click the lable tag.

You get the idea. Very cool new feature. The editing menu is also much nicer, and the option to view the blog before publishing exactly as it looks when published instead of that "preview" screen you used to have. The preview was pretty much worthless if you wanted to see formatting. It is also faster by far.

Well, happy happy new year. I do kind of wish I'd gone with my wife to Minot, but I've gotten an awful lot done the past two weeks I'd never have had a chance to otherwise. Last year my New Year's resolution was to learn to sculpt. I think I've made a really good start. Click on Sculpting to mark the progress. I really need to get a camera to take pics of the aboleth, it isn't perfect, but it is a huge step forward in a sculptor's evolution.

This year? I think I'm going to resolve to spend a little less time in the basement.


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