Monday, January 08, 2007

Personalities I wish WOTC would make

Since WOTC are the copyright holders on the official Realms personalities, this is my wish list of miniatures I wish they'd make from that line:

  • Cadderly: Heroes Lorebook, pages 27-30
  • Caledan Caldorien: Heroes Lorebook, page 31
  • Danica: Heroes Lorebook, pages 33-35
  • Danilo Than: Heroes Lorebook, pages 35-37
  • Durnan of the Yawning Portal: Heroes Lorebook, page 47
  • Giogi Wyvernspur: Heroes Lorebook, pages 54-55
  • Lander: Heroes Lorebook, pages 66-67
  • Myrmeen Lhal: Heroes Lorebook, pages 90-91
  • Piergeiron: Heroes Lorebook, page 96
  • Qilue Veladorn: Heroes Lorebook, pages 97-99

This is the list so far of personalities I'd like to run in my campaign, but have been unable to find a suitable miniature for. WOTC, if you take hints or suggestions...and I really hope you do..these are mine. I'll update as I go through my inventory compiling character sheets for NPCs.



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