Monday, June 04, 2007

Adding in weather to the Forgotten Realms

Realms Helps

I'd found this site a while ago, but haven't had a chance to incorporate it into play yet. Thre are a lot of really useful "helps" on the site, but probably the most useful is the weather determination program. It is really a godsend in terms of adding the element of weather to the game without having to make it up on the fly.

Dandello's Faerûnian Almanac.

You enter in the date, the relative climate of the area your PCs are in, and then make sure you click on the button for effect on characters. Then submit and in the blink of an eye you get the weather conditions for that day in that area with complete stats for the impact on characters.

For example:
The Weather of Flamerule 21, 1368
From Dandello's Faerûnian Almanac

Low: 55
High: 70
Effective Temperature: 75
Precipitation: Moderate rain
Relative Humidity:
Morning: Moderate
Evening: High
Winds: From tropics at 10 mph.
Phase of Selûne: 1st Qtr
Number of daylight hours: 14.2
Dawn is at: 4:54

No wind effects

Visibility reduced due to rain (-4 on listen and ranged attacks, exposed flames extinguished).

Everything is geared toward 3rd Edition, of course, but most of the really helpful tools work no matter what edition you're using.



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