Saturday, October 20, 2007

01420 : Pirate Sophie

Speak of the devil...or in this case, the succubus, and there she is.

I mentioned in the previous post the collection of pirates by Reaper that I've been amassing. I got this mini in a boxed set of pirate monsters, but Reaper has started selling them seperately in blisters. If you don't want the boxed set, I really recommend this miniature, sculpted by Julie Guthrie. The sculpt is magnificent in fantastic detail and a really nice pose.

As I said, I'm getting a particularly nasty mixed race pirate crew together which will be captained by Sophie here. I haven't decided if she'll have Razig's undead pirates incorporated into her crew, or if Razig and his undead pirates will be a seperate menace on the high seas. Probably the latter.

I remember seeing, some years ago at a hobby store in Staunton, Virginia, a 25mm resin pirate galleon. At the time it was outrageously expensive. I'm sure it is even more expensive now, if I could track it down, but I've got a little more disposable "hobby money" than I did 5 years ago.

Maybe I'll do a little web searching and see what I can find. If anyone out there knows of a 25mm-30mm pirate ship that is made of wood or resin or even plastic (no Playmobil, please!) then post a comment with a url or product name to search, would you?

Help Sophie and Razig get their boats floated.

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