Sunday, October 21, 2007

03185: Bergun Sunblaze, Sun Priest

One thing that I wish WOTC would do is put out more mythoi specific priests in their mini line, but since they are geared toward the rpg improbably tabletop skirmish game, there isn't a lot of point to it for them from a business model. If they do one, they do one. Not much sense from their point of view of having 6 different poses for priests of Lathander.

Reaper really helps fill in the gaps. They can't do exact representations of mythoi specific priests from the trademarked Forgotten Realms, but each of the gods in that setting have portfolios that can't be the sun, for example.

This sculpt by Bobby Jackson will make a nice addition to the priests of Lathander in my world. Right now, my PCs are exploring the ruins of a temple to Lathander in Dagger Falls. If they end up taking the relics from that church, soon to be dedicated to Cyric, to a temple of Lathander for safe keeping, I'll need some Lathanderites to accept them and bestow blessings. Bergun Sunblaze will likely be there.

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