Sunday, October 21, 2007

World Works Games

I'm joing the terrain revolution. In my quest for good ship models I blundered across this company which produces amazing PDFs of terrain features, including inns, castles, dungeons...pretty much everything.

World Works Games

The artwork is fantastic and it actually looks more like what I'd like Dwarven Forge stuff to look least in the pictures. Since I planned to use my Dwarven Forge stuff mostly for taking pictures to depict the adventures, this might be a better route for me to go. Certainly less expensive, though more time consuming in the contruction.

Way back in the day I had a lot of the TSR cut out and glue together village and castle things. They worked fine, but these go the extra mile and are fantastic in every respect. The one downside of the cardstock terrain is that they don't store easily. I think that if I mounted them on coreboard, they'd be sturdier and have more realistic thickness. At anyrate, they are so cheap that it can't hurt me to buy a few and try them out. I suppose Kinkos would print them for me, and they might even have the ability to print them directly onto something sturdy like coreboard or very stiff posterboard.

This is exciting. I just wish I had a bigger basement. I've been worrying my wife because I keep telling her the ideal would be for us to buy a nice farmhouse somewhere that had a mobile home parked on the property and I could keep all my gaming stuff in the game trailer...then it would be out of the house.

Her response..."Wait, so you're telling me your hobby needs its own house now? We really need to talk about this...but I don't think you're going to like where the discussion goes..."


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