Sunday, October 21, 2007

03225 : Eilluvasheth, Succubus Queen

I really love this miniature, which is sculpted by Patrick Keith. I'm not always crazy about minis based on things that include terrain features, because she will have to drag that railing with her wherever she appears. But, Patrick has thought of that, and the basing is actually in two pieces so you don't have to glue her to the railing if you don't want to. You could rebase her on something else very easily.

The detail on this figure is wonderful and I think I can probably use her in two different ways. In fact, I suspect that Patrick had this in mind. The mini is designed to be flexible and comes with two different hand options. One holds a sword and the other a long whip.

I'll use it as intended and swell the ranks of my succubus swarm, putting her together exactly as the illustration.

The place on the back where her wings come through her hair will be very easy to fill with epoxy and repaint her not as a succubus but a powerful drow matron mother. She'll get the whip and I'll probably rebase her with epoxy cavern floor details.


I can also always find uses for the spare wings and horns from the second model. Great idea to make a mini that automatically makes you want to by several more of them because of the kitbashing variety they inspire.

Patrick Keith is a great guy, by the way. I met him at ReaperCon this year and his website is really nice too. He's a very talented sculptor and I'm glad that Reaper is going to be presenting more of his work. Kudos!

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