Tuesday, October 23, 2007

NPC: Costa Janko

Costa is the brother of Ada Janko. He has a home in Dagger Falls, which was inherited from their parents. He works as a bartender in the Broken Dagger. Like his employer, Tharwin One Eye, Costa lost an eye and wears a patch. Recently, however, Costa lost his job at the tavern due to taking ill with the sleeping sickness. Tharwin can't afford to keep him on if he can't work and because of the fear of the illness is unlikely to let him return to work if he recovers. Lack of employment will force the novice rogue to take to adventuring to meet expenses, and he will join his sister in the No Name Band

I really like this miniature a lot. It is stamped Ral Partha, 1982. He's quite detailed, including the eyepatch, and I love his stance. I named him after a friend of a friend I met in New York many years ago, but recently that friend of a friend discovered this blog and asked me not to use his name, so I've changed it. If you remember the previous name, please forget it.

I think I picked up the miniature during a trip to San Francisco one summer. I remember staying with another friend of a friend there for a month or so, in an apartment on the corner of Taraval and Great Highway. I think I took a series of busses to an amazing hobby store way across town, where I bought a large number of individual miniatures. But it could be that I'm conflating that trip with one of several business trips I took when I was doing some commission work for Kaiser Permanente. At any rate, he's been on my shelf for a very long time...maybe since 1982.

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