Monday, October 22, 2007

Clawborn Sorrow

In the Night Below set, WOTC came out with a new monster called the Clawborn Sorrow. I didn't really know what to do with it because it is an Eberron monster. It looks like a cross between a drow and a giant scorpion.

WOTC has really made driders seem like being punished by Lolth for failing her test is more of a blessing than a curse, and then they come out with this thing. I don't really think Lolth's touch is going to bestow scorpion traits when she is the spider queen.

A few couple months before Night Below came out I picked up two minis from ages back (can't remember the company) that I thought I was going to use for Tlincali...but the Tlincali, the Scorpion Man, and the Clawborn Sorrow are all three very distinctly different variations on the same scorpion theme. Tlincali don't have the fore claws, but have human hands. Scorpion Men have human arms and scorption claws. Clawborn Sorrows have no arms, do have scorpion claws, and have drow features instead of human.
These guys were clearly more like the clawborn sorrow than the other scorpion-ish creatures, though they are bald. I painted them up like the clawborn sorrow put out by WOTC.

What is their ecology in my Realms? Good question. I looked at this site, Descent into Darkness, which has developed a lot of information on drow religion.

I've made Lolth's son, Vhaeraun, the patron not only of drow males, but also all those whom Lolth has cast out. In my world there are three types of driders--I won't go into my rant about that--because there are three types of drider minis available. In the original materials, all driders became warriors and lacked any secondary sex characteristics as part of their punishment by Lolth. Because D&D is marketed primarily to teen-age boys and they like nothing so much as boobs, driders started being made with breasts. So, in my world warriors, wizards, and priestesses can all fail Lolth's test and retain their secondary sex characteristics.

Priestesses of Lolth are no longer in her favor, so she wouldn't grant them their spells...but loving the delicious irony of it all, Vhaeraun grants the spells to the fallen priestess and forces them to worship him if they wish to continue casting spells.

The warriors who fail become traditional driders. When they have shown exemplary service to Vhaeraun, he rewards them by transforming them into Clawborn Sorrows. Further exemplary service will result in complete restoration to drow male form and these drow males are his most elite followers.

Or, anyway, that's how it works in my world.

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