Monday, October 22, 2007


The alu-demon or alu-fiend is the offspring of a succubus and a human, they are always female.

In the official description they appear as beautiful human women, except for their very small bat wings. In my world they are black-skinned...mostly because I forgot that they looked like human women when I was painting this one and decided she'd look great with black skin, purple hair and red eyes. Which, she does. I will compensate for the discrepency by saying that in my world they are capable of creating an illusion which makes them appear as human women when they are not on the Lower Planes, but for some reason they are unable to disguise their wings.

This is a scratchbuild figure, but I can't recall what I used to make her. I think the base mini is a Reaper miniature and the wings are from some really old lead miniature I had. Again, I can't remember what it was.

Pleased, however, with the results.

When I was at ReaperCon, everyone laughed at me for using glossy varnish instead of matte on my miniatures. I realize that matte photographs much better, which is probably why the industry switched to is very difficult to even find glossy varnish in a hobby store these days...but remember that I harken back to an earlier age.

When we were painting minis in the 70's and early 80's almost all of us used Testor's enamal paints, because that is what you painted metal with. That was a very glossy paint. Then, when we discovered acrylic paints and how much easier they were to work with than the enamals, almost all the companies providing paints for the purpose of miniautures had glossy varnish. I was using Polly S acrylic paints and the spray primer and varnish I used were by a company called Armory, I think. If you wanted to have a flat finish, you generally hat to get a spray can of dullcote, made by Testor.

As a result...a miniature that doesn't shine a little on my gaming table doesn't look finished to me. So, pardon the glossy, shiny monsters here. Blame it on my unwillingness to change...which, given the name of the blog, is the whole point.

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