Sunday, October 07, 2007

Reaper 02871 : Wererats (2)

I'm not sure who the scupltor is on these, if Reaper Matt reads this blog, maybe he can post a comment and tell us.

This item is no longer sold through traditional distribution channels, though it is still available at the Reaper online store and by special order from your favorite local gaming store.

I like wererats, though I don't run them very often. My players haven't encountered a great many sewers or cities where they tend to thrive. These are good sculpts, but I have to say I actually prefer the WOTC version in Dragoneye better. Still, even WOTC didn't keep that look, the next wererat they released had big beefy arms and the Reaper version is much better than the War of the Dragon Queen wererat put out by WOTC.

Actually, when you put the reaper wererats side by side with the old ones put out by Heritage (I think the other ones I have are from the Dungeon Dweller series) they look very similar, just more "modern" and detailed. I guess I'm starting to like these more and more....

So, if you can't get your hands on a swarm of Dragoneye wererats and want your sewer to be really dangerous...I recommend stocking up on the Reaper version. They are only $6.99 for two of them, so that is pretty reasonable.

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