Thursday, October 04, 2007

Reaper 03142: Zizzix, Mantis Warrior

This sculpt is by Michael Brower, and you can't find a better, more affordable version of the Thri Kreen. The old minis of that creature by Ral Partha were very good, but designed for use with Dark Sun. I don't like the ponchos they wear.

The WOTC figs (I love calling them that because DDM players get freaked out if you don't call them minis) are good, but if you want to build an army of them you're going to spend a fortune because they are pretty hard to get your hands on. Zizzix, here, costs only $3.99 a piece and he's great. I really recommend picking up a bunch of them and just printing off the cards from WOTC DDM from Harbinger and substituting them. With DDM 2.0 about to launch, you aren't going to find any more official tournaments anyway. I saw one Harbinger Thri Kreen going for $24 before shipping and handling. That was what 6 Zizzix cost.

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