Sunday, October 07, 2007

Reaper 02657: Lardgulp, Two-Headed Troll

Of the two-headed trolls that are available, this Reaper miniature (sculpted by Sandra Garrity) is probably the best of the lot. I wish it looked more trollish than ettinish, but I decided that once I get it painted it will probably look ok. For me, the only true troll is the Ral Partha one from the Official AD&D collection.

The old 1E Fiend Folio describes the giant two-headed troll as a ferocious troll/ettin crossbreed. It is possible that the giant two-headed troll maintains more trollish appearance but gains the ettin's height, while an alternate outcome is that the standard sized two-headed troll doesn't get the height but has more ettinish appearance in the heads. Why these things mate in the first place, that's another mystery.

This item is no longer sold through traditional distribution channels, though it is still available online at the Reaper Asylum, and by special order from your favorite local gaming store.

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