Monday, October 08, 2007

Reaper 02751 : Stone Golem

This figure was scuplted by James Van Schaik and runs $7.99.

It is a very solid piece of metal and looks like Frankenstein's Monster on steroids after losing a blinking contest with a medusa. There isn't a lot of detail on it, nor should a golem be a particularly detailed mini. These guys are built for their ability to guard, not aesthetic beauty. I've never understood, though, why you'd bother building a golem with a skirt. It makes little sense to me, as the mobility of the golem would be drastically reduced as a result of that solid hunk of scuplted "clothing". It seems to me it would be better to sculpt the golem nude and put some sort of ceremonial garb on it after the fact.

I'm glad to have the figure, but the more I think about it only being able to walk by swiveling at the hips and bending at the knee, the less attractive it is to me. Although, the Ral Partha Stone Golem was also wearing a skirt. What is it with these kilt wearing statues? Maybe when they activate the stone skirt becomes flexible. Weird.

Here's a question which came up in my most recent gaming session, though. If golems don't actually have eyes...are they affected by illusions? What about illusions cast through a Wand of Perfect Illusion?

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