Sunday, October 07, 2007

Reaper 02644: Boar Demon

Bob Olley's other demonic offering is the Boar Demon, which is Reaper's answer to the Nalfeshnee. I really love this sculpt. Someday, I might find a good figure of a kangaroo and use the head from this miniature to replace the head of Skippy to make the male version of a Catoblepas. Didn't know that the male catoblepas looked like a kangaroo with a warthog head? Well, its true. There was a Dragon magazine with an ecology of the catoblepas in it and I have to say...if the male looked that silly and the female looked that wonder they are so rare.

One of the best things about the reaper figure is how well the wings fit into the back of it. The slots fit perfectly with no need for filing or filling. There was a little bit of a gap where the head glued on, but that wasn't much of a much. I have two of these, so for a little variety, I cut the sword off and replaced it with a diffferent weapon from one of the Warlord Weapon packs Reaper puts out. A really nasty mace. I had to clip the pommel off as well, but it looks nice. I'll post pics when I get it painted....sometime in 2044.

I've talked about the nalfeshnee in the past, and told you that I think that Reaper's version is hands down the most frighteningly demonic you can get, although I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the Minifigs Dungeons & Dragons line Type IV demon.

Minifigs was the 1st company to have the official TSR license to make minis for D&D & call them as such. They went out of poduction at the beginning of the 80s. Their Nalfeshnee looks nearly identical to the old 1st edition illustration...except that it has batwings instead of feathered wings. I'm not changing mine, though. These minifig versions are super rare. They are very fragile and if you find one, 9 times out of 10 the legs will be broken. This one is a really prized gem in my collection...even if he is more silly than scary compared to the Reaper Boar Demon.

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