Monday, May 15, 2006

School's Out, Stretch!

In case you don't know the reference, that is a line from one of the Dead End Kids movies, from which Alice Cooper got the inspiration for his classic rock hit, School's Out.

And it is indeed out. Now that the school year is over and I just turned in the last of my grades, I can begin to concentrate on some really important cleaning the house (in particular, the basement) in order to get ready for running D&D sessions. I can devote long long hours to updating my Monstrology Files. I can photograph all of my miniatures for inclusion in those files as well as my Hall of Heroes and Roll of Rogues. I can assemble figures and paint them and, in short, be very very pleased.

Life is good.

As I do that work, I will resume a more regular updating of this blog, and the others.

Keep checking back.


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