Friday, June 09, 2006

Castle Kits are freaking awesome

I haven't been posting much, very busy with the monstrology in the basement and working on a new project for Reaper Miniatures. I'm working on one of their sourcebooks.

Still, I saw an ad in this month's Dragon Magazine and was blown away by the modular dungeon pieces I saw there. When I was in high school we built 3d dungeons with foam core board and balas wood walls. Later I did my own laminated geomorphs--very similar to what WOTC would begin doing as dungeon tiles, but mine are infinitely cooler.

I tried that crappy magnetic dungon thing with the walls and archways. Nothing was close to the ideal modular dungeon I saw in my head...until this month when I saw the ad in Dragon.

Go to their website: Castle Kits and browse.

If you want to get old Shandar something for his birthday, I'd take anything from this website...especially the dungeon sets and accessories section.

Too cool.

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