Saturday, January 20, 2007

Lolth, as she is supposed to look...

Well, if you've been reading this blog for a while, you know I have a burr up my butt about current deptictions of Lolth as a drider.

It ain't right, because driders are the unfavored of Lolth, so she would not logically transform her unfavored ones into her likeness. You can read the long rant about that in the other post.

I'd been using the head you see here on a Ral Partha Giant Black Widow miniature for years as my "proper" Lolth, but the body was too small and it wasn't very scary.

I recently got a second Reaper Miniatures Labith: Female Spider Centaur and used the body from that for my Lolth body. I didn't think the legs looked scary enough for Lolth, though, because they were very thick and not enough like a black widow.

Since I had legs left over from the Giant Scorpion I'd used to make the Aboleth, I tried using them. They worked really well, but I had to do some clipping, bending and filling in with green stuff to get them to both fit in the leg sockets and support the weight of the miniature. Then I broke the Frost Giantess head off the old Lolth and glued it on the new body. I think it looks fantastic. Very evil, very cruel, and very Lolth-like.

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Blogger mordicai said...

Great work, super spooky!

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