Saturday, January 20, 2007

An Aboleth brought my camera back!

This is my best sculpt to date. I realize it is still pretty much in the "formless blob" genus that I've been working in, but I do think I'm crawling up a little further out of the ooze.

It is a composite sculpt, using the Reaper Giant Scorpion as a base. I laid the scorpion body out on the one inch grid battle mat I have and got a sense of proper proportions from the monster description. I was using the illustration from the Night Below monster supplement, and when I paint I will probably use the color card illustrations as a guide...though they are a tad on the pink side for me. The savant is distinguished from the normal aboleth by size and by the bony ridges on its top.

I was very careful with this one to build only a little at a time rather than my newbie "do it all at once" method from before. On the scorpion body I built up the front and eyes of the aboleth, using brown and green stuff to keep the parts clearly identified.

I used the same technique on building up and attaching the scorpion tail, after using toenail clippers to lop off the stinger.For the flukes I broke off the ends of the scorpion claws and glued them together, reinforcing with green stuff, then attached to the rest of the tail.

For the four big tentacles I used four tentacles I clipped off the Reaper Miniatures Stone Lurker (their version of a Roper, which I use for a Yochlol). Although my skill level is not particularly skillful, I think this is a reasonable enough sculpt of an aboleth and I'm excited to find a way to use it in my campaign. I don't know that it is sculpted in a way that would allow casting--you'd certainly have to remove the tentacles--but I'm not in the manufacturing business so this is likely to remain a one of a kind. I'm going to prime it and paint it later today and will add those images when it is finished.

I think it would be easy enough to do another, if I did want to do a casting of it, but next time I'd do a regular aboleth. Afterall, too many Savants and not enough aboleths would be a real problem.As this post demonstrates, I have my good camera back. The theatre department I used to work at doesn't use this camera very often--which is how I was able to borrow it for six months last time--so I proposed that I'd buy it from them for about half what a new one would cost and the promise that they could borrow it from me whenever they have occaision to use it.

I'm really pleased to return to the photographing and sharing of my miniature collection

Also, if you have comments on the greens, so long is it is constructive because I alredy know that I'm not really very good, I'm eager to hear them. Without feedback and suggestions I'm not likely to get any better and I'd really like to.

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