Friday, January 19, 2007

Shandar's Spell Books

As I'm working my way through the Publisher 2000 Monstrous Manual with my minis as illustrations, the Tome of Villains and Book of Heroes, I have also started doing a compiled series of Spellbooks for my character.

The image I'm using for the cover of each book is taken from a Wiccan website selling a spellbook: The Wytch Shoppe. It is a great illustration. Hopefully driving traffic to their site from this link will keep them from hexing me for using the image for my own private home use without permission.

On the inside pages I used a free illustration from WOTC they offer from their downloads page of archived Map a Weeks.

One of the great things about the old Core Rules CD Rom was that it included text files of all the TSR rule books. Using those text files I took all the spells from the PH, Tome of Magic, Wizards Handbook, and others and then put each of them on a page over top of the parchment image in Lucinda Caligraphy, trying to use a 14 point font for the text and a 25 point font for the spell names.

This is going to be an excellent DM's tool, because each time a PC discovers a new spell scroll or buys one in the game, I can go to Shandar's Spellbook, print it out, and the PC gets a handout that looks like scroll. If they keep a 3-ring binder for their own spell book, all they have to is use a 3-hole punch to "write" the spell into their spell book.

It is a fun, easy way to enhance the feeling of role playing.

I exepct that I will eventually do something similar with a listing of magic items as they come into and go out of Shandar's Magic Shop.



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