Sunday, October 07, 2007

Reaper 02532: Skalathrix Vulture Demon

Bob Olley's version of a vrock is about the best one there is. I'll be embarrassed to ever put the WOTC one up on my shelf, partially because their vrock is so awful and partially because of what I'll have to pay for it since I didn't get one in the Archfiends case I bought. Oh, the woes of being a collector as well as a gamer...

On most things, the Official AD&D Ral Partha line is my gold standard for what monsters should look like, but Olley's vrock is so much more demonic looking than the Planescape one done by Ral Partha.

The only thing that is a little tricky about this mini is that the wings don't go on the way you expect them to...they lean back at a steep angle and don't go straigh up like a lot of the batwing demons Repaper puts out. If you try to put them on the way you intuitively think they should, you'll think the piece doesn't fit and you need to clip and fill in with putty. Don't. Play around with it before you put the glue on until you see the way it should actually fit, and then you'll probably need to bend the base a bit to get it to balance correctly.

I liked it so much I got two. They are a little pricey at $12.99 each, but, man, are they worth it. They are super cool, super detailed, and super scary.

I offer the other two choices for comparison.

The Ral Partha Vrock. I remember when I got my vrok in the Planescape boxed set. It was missing the tail feathers, so I wrote to Ral Partha and told them I was missing the part...and they sent me both the tail feathers and another vrock...which was great, but now I still have a vrok on my shelf with no tail feathers. As my friend Scott Taylor used to say, "Aw, you'd cry with two loaves of bread under each arm."

DDM Archfiends Vrock

There is no comparison. It would be nice if the Rreaper one were holding the kind of weapon (what is that thing? Scythe?) described in the Monstrous Compendium on the Outer Planes, but you can't have everything...and you might be able to cut the sword off and replace it without too much trouble.

I"m not going to bother, I think they look pretty freaking cool as is.

Save yourself a lot of dough, take what you'd spend on eBay trying to get an Archfiends vrock and just download the stat card and use this fig. There won't be any official DDM 1.0 tournaments anymore anyway, so if the game is what you enjoy, why bother getting the official figs?

And yes, I said "fig".


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