Sunday, October 07, 2007

Reaper 02961 : Angel of Darkness

This miniature is sculpted by Julie Guthrie, is rich in both beauty and detail. I really love this miniature. It is listed as Angel of Darkness on the Online Catalogue, but the package I have says Angel of Shadow. If pressed, go with the product number, that's the same either way.

I plan to use her as a Lantern Archon in my world. I realize that Lantern Archons are just balls of light, but I already have a will-o-wisp figure and the trumpet archon isn't just a trumpet floating around, right? If the trumpet archon can be a green skinned bald angel with a trumpet, then in my world lantern archons are going to be some sort of angel carrying a magical lantern. All the lantern archon powers will be the same, except the rays of light will come from the lantern, and though they will shun combat, my lantern archons will be able to swing a sword when they need to.

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