Tuesday, October 23, 2007

NPC: Dwarf with No Name

The Dwarf with No Name is a gruff and mysterious ranger who arrived in Bug Tussle with a frail and injured young woman two years ago. The woman was Ada Janko and she'd come to study magic under the instruction of Alzador the Mage of Hopeful Seven.

The dwarf never says anything, to anyone, for any reason. Many believe that his tongue was cut out, but that isn't true. You can sometimes see him licking his cigar butt and he will stick it out to scare children away from him. No one knows who he is or where he comes from, except that he knows the trail through the Dagger Hills like an expert and has been known to frequent the Broken Dagger in Dagger Falls. Some people say they have seen him in the company of a beautiful elven woman in tattered chain mail on the edge of the Border Forest, but nobody much believes this.

In any event, he has taken on the role of guardian of the young wizardess, and she has grown very fond of him, feeling as though he is almost a father figure. He never lacks for golden coin, and there are many rumors of a vast horde hiden in a secret cache out in the wilds of the Dagger Hills.

I got this miniature on that same mystery trip to California. I have always loved the sculpt. Unfortunately, over the years, mine has been dropped or something, because his cigar broke off and his hat is crushed down over his eyes. I could proably get another one on eBay, but this one has been in my collection so long, it just wouldn't feel right. I can probably make a new cigar for him out of brown stuff.

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Just found your website. I'm glad to see another holding onto the best edition of AD&D, the 2nd Edition. We have a regular 2nd Ed game with all the data stored in the Core Rules database.

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