Tuesday, October 23, 2007

NPC: Corwyn Leafsong

Corwyn Leafsong is a very young High Elf who has made a home in the Dalelands. She was born into a small group of Sun Elves who had not left for Evermeet, but instead elected to remain in a settlement in the Border Forest north of Dagger Falls. They did not interfere in the affairs of humans in the dale, but did watch them closely and monitored the trade route along the River Tesh. She is currently 153 years old. When she was only 53, her family was wiped out in a drow attack on her settlement. Her mother hid her, and so she escaped the ruthless, murderous dark elves. She has lived alone since then, but vows to one day track the drow that killed her family. She believes that Colderan Morn, the Mage Lord at the time, was partly responsible if not directly. He was known to have had dealings with the drow, and may have ordered them to eliminate any elven threat to his authority in the dale.

Corwyn has searched the surrounding lands and as yet has found no passage to the underdark. She suspects that the tunnels might be inside the town walls, but she has never yet been inside the town gate. She prefers to keep her existence a secret.

She wears the armor of her father, and the sword he weilded. The armor was somewhat damaged in his fight for the survival of the elven settlement, but still affords a great deal of protection. The sword, Trollsbane, was created to slay regenerating creatures. She also found and kept the dagger of throwing owned by her mother.

Some 15 years ago, she met and befriended a strange and silent dwarven ranger in the Border Forest. Together they have spent many years searching for tunnels, each for their own, unspoken reason.

This miniature is a Ral Partha piece from a Dragonlance boxed set. I don't know that setting at all, and couldn't tell you a thing about the original character she was supposed to represent. I think she was supposed to have black hair, but I wanted a traditional elf in my little No Name Group.

One thing that is difficult about having elves in your party is that their base starting age is 100 +5d6. What did they do for 150 years or so before they started racking up experience points? To me, it is a head scratcher, so I just had Corwyn hunting tunnels for a century or so. Not many XPs in walking around looking for secret doors and not finding any, but you'd think she'd be bored out of her elven skull by that point.

If any of you who run elves in your campaigns have figured out a good way to deal with the huge age differences in party members when you start including elves and how you account for their great age but paltry experience/lack of levels, please let me know how you handle it in your campaigns.

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