Sunday, January 21, 2007

Devils: Baazebul


This is one of the monsters from the Birthright boxed set of miniatures put out by Ral Partha. I've always wanted to build a collection of the named devils and demons from the old TSR books. This mini was pretty close to the description of Baazebul on page 21 of the Monster Manual for 1st edition. I took some brown stuff and made the big compound eyes in the description and then painted it.

My friend Matt at Reaper has helped me build a really nice assortment of the Master Series paints. I've got a retail display rack for them that he sent me and I've been painting away for about 24 hours straight.

I think the results are worth the effort. Oh, while I've been painting I've been watching the entire DVD collection of Stargate SG 1 loaned to me by a friend while my wife is out of town at a conference.

My big question is how the heck did they get the SG 1 team out of those gliders and into the shuttle at the end of the season 2 opener? There is no way two gliders would fit in the cargo bay of the shuttle and opening the canopies would be fatal in sapce.

Of course, all it takes on TV is a jump cut to save them. Kind of spoiled it for me.

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