Saturday, January 20, 2007

Otheworld Miniatures

I got a really nice email from Richard Scott, the guy who runs Otherworld Miniatures, and he let me know about his website showcasing his collection of Citadel official AD&D miniatures from the 1980's.

Follow the link and be amazed, drool, gnash your teeth and wail over his having what you desperately want.

That's what I'm doing.

If you find any of these miniatures let me know...especially if you find those on his wants list so that I can get them from you and trade with him for a handful of stirges!

Here's my wish list from the line:
ADD01 - Magic-User - p1
ADD8 - Assassin (3)
ADD9 - Druid (3)
ADD11 Female Magic User (3)
ADD31 Dwarf Fighter with Axe (3)
ADD59 Troll (1)*
ADD60 Norkers (3)*
ADD61 Giant Rats (4)
ADD72 Carrion Crawler (1)
ADD76 Stirges (4)
ADD79 Mind Flayers (3)*
ADD80 - Set of 4 Blink Dogs

ADD84 Beholder (1) (with its nearly closed mouth, this would be a great gas spore!)
ADD87 Snyad, Meazel, Xvart & Mite (4)* (I have some of the Mites, am mostly interested in Meazels.)


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