Sunday, January 21, 2007

Devils: Asmodeus


This is a recast from a vintage mold, done by the guy over at Classic Miniatures. I don't know who the original manufacturer was.

I am very new to painting with the methods described for use with the Master Series paints. I am fairly pleased with the results, though. I was never the best painter in the world, but I do think I'm improving a little with each figure.

Thanks, Matt, for helping me get back into the hobby of painting the minis I've been collecting. And you are right, the Master Series paints are fantastic. I'm still not very confident with washes or the inks, but I'm working on learning how to use them from scratch. This guy had a lot more yellow tones until I gave the whole thing a wash with the red inks to play up the infernal quality I was looking for. It evened everything out and I like how it looks even if it isn't what I had in mind before applying the wash.

Also, as I am sure is not a suprise to anyone, I am old school with the overcoats too. In the 70's and 80's everyone used gloss varnish and now all you can find at hobby stores now is flat overcoat. That's all they stock from Games Workshop.

I really can't get used to the flat overcoat so I have gotten some gloss varnish from a craft store and use it. If they don't shine, it just doesn't feel like AD&D to me.

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