Sunday, January 21, 2007

Devil: Mephistopheles


This is also a Reaper Miniatures figure. In fact, Mephisto here is sort of responsible for my reconnecting with Matt Clark. I was searching for a miniature of Mephistopheles and found it on eBay, but too late to bid on it. I discovered it was a Reaper Miniature and from that found the Reaper website. Along with my order for the miniature I included a note asking if my friend Matt still worked there, and the rest of the sgtory is a very full basement.

I like how this one turned out, though it was frustrating to have painted really cool coral and brick red wings only to re-read the description and be reminded that his wings and horns are blue. Durn it.

I went over the wings with blue ink and all was well again.

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