Sunday, January 21, 2007

Devils: Belial

Lord of the Fourth

This miniature is by Reaper, and is a representation of Belial, but originally I didn't think it fit the description of Belial in the 1st Edition Monster Manual II (p. 46) very well. He's supposed to have a military fork and there is nothing to indicate hooves in the description. I had thought about using him (and even originally posted this as) Titivilus, who is supposed to look like a demonic faun. That seemed to fit this guy perfectly.

I changed my mind, though, when I picked a figure to represent his daughter, Fierna. She is described as being succubus-like, but without wings. I picked a Reaper mini of a succubus that had faun legs and curving ram's horns as Fierna (I'll post her later this week). Since she had goat legs, I decided this was a trait she inherited from Belial, her father, and have switched back to using the Reaper Belial as that arch-devil.

I don't know what I'll do if WOTC ever comes out with more Lords of Hell minis. I suspect they plan to, since Mephistopholese is pictured in the Miniatures Handbook, but who knows. I have both the WOTC Orcus and Demogorgon, but am using the Reaper mini versions of them in my game world instead because they are so much more demonic looking, so if WOTC stays true to form, I'll probably continue to use the minis I'm using now for those hellish personalities and see if I can find some other use for the WOTC statues or new devils and demons.

This paint job was also a lot more orange red until I did a red ink wash on it. I didn't do as good a job on the wings as I'd like, but I'm still re-learning my painting skills.

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