Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Devils: Bel, Lord of Avernus

Pit Fiend, Lord of the First

Bel is a bit of a success story in hell, an infernal Rags to Riches saga of a lowly Lemure who picked itself up by its own damned bootstraps and rose to become lord of an entire layer of Hell.

Normally I tend to use the WOTC minis for unique characters in my world, since as a collectible that will go out of produciton in a few months, it makes sense to use minis in regular production for monsters of which there are more than one. The WOTC Pit Fiend just isn't as awe inspiring as the Reaper Mini Agramon: pit fiend, though, so I had to make this guy out of one of those.

Bel has a flaming sword which is described as "curved" and "odd" but I couldn't find any curved and odd swords large enough to look remotely OK in his hand, so I went with a good sized greatsword from one of the Reaper weapons packs and added flames with brown stuff. I also ended up having to use brown stuff to adhere the weapon to his fist, with a little ball on the bottom for the pommel.

Then I painted it with Reaper Master Series paints (plug plug plug)using the WOTC figure as a painting guide.

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