Monday, January 22, 2007

Volt Found!!!

I've been emailing with Richard Scott, whose collection of Citadel Miniatures I've been admiring here. I've been searching for months now trying to find someone who remembers a volt miniature based on the artwork from the Fiend Folio (p. 94-95)

I thought that the line of minis in Richard's collection looked similar, and so I asked him if he knew anything about it. Within hours he had sent me a link to where, sure enough, there is a pic of the volt of my memories. Citadel Miniatures FF8-1.

There are a fair number of minis on this page that I have, but there are a few that I'd love to get.

Here are more additions to my wish list, drawn from this wonderful resource:

FF4-1 Crabman
FF5-1 Phantom Stalker
FF6-1 Giant Blood Worm (I have one, but would like a few more)
FF8-1 Volt Version 1
FF8-1 Volt Version 2
FF12-1 Assassin Bug

FF31-1 Satanic Angel (this is pretty close to the Styx Devil from the Fiend Folio pg. 25)
FF53 Ogre (I use these for Beastmen)
FF71 Gnome Assassin (this looks like it would work well for a Dark Creeper)

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